Enrol Student 2021

Student Information

Parent's / Guardian's Information

Person Responsible for Account

Registration must be done yearly.
Registration fee (booking of time slot for class schedule)

Registration fee 1st child R260.00
Registration fee 2nd child R200.00
Registration fee 3rd child R180.00

Invoices will be send as soon as possible.

I, the parent / guardian, hereby give consent that he / she may participate in training activities at ChaNic School of Dance.

I realise that although ChaNic School of Dance undertake to take reasonable care to ensure my child's safety and well-being during practice hours and during competitions and performances, ChaNic School of Dance can not guarantee the safety and wellbeing of my child at all times.

If my child may need medical care / surgical treatment and ChaNic School of Dance have made reasonable unsuccessful efforts to get hold of me or the designated contact person (whose name and details will appear in the entry form) the trainer may give consent on my behalf for medical treatment / surgical intervention.

I declare that as far as I know my child is physically able to participate in any activities and normal operations at ChaNic School of Dance, and that my child is in good health. I also confirm that I have notified ChaNic School of Dance of all relevant facts and deficiencies regarding my child's physical abilities and health.

I accept that I will be responsible for payment of expenses, medical bills and / or hospital bills, if applicable, in the event of injury to my child. I indemnify and hold ChaNic School of Dance harmless against any damages, claims or liability that may result from damage to or loss of property, injury, illness or death affecting me or my child, and related to my child's participation in any activities (including the transportation of my child) of ChaNic School of Dance.

The coach has the right to prohibit the dancers to attend class due to misconduct and disruption of classes. I confirm that my tuition fees will be kept up to date and that my daughter / son will attend more than 80% of the classes to be part of examination / competition and concert.
Payments will be up to date (January 2021 – December 2021 (Payments to be made before the 7th of every month). If payments are not paid on time, 10% administration fee will be added to late payments.

Registration fee will be paid before class commence in January 2021. No dancer will be added to dance schedule if registration fee is not paid in full.

ChaNic School of Dance can publish photos on Facebook / Instagram / Dance websites for advertisement.

If dancer plans to discontinue lessons, you are required to give one quarter’s written notice to the studio. The quarter in which the notice is given is payable in full.

No parents will be allowed in the class – you will be notified when you can come to a “sit-in class”. In-class visitor observation is at the discretion of the instructor.

Office hours 9h00 – 17h00, please do not contact any personnel after hours.

Please make sure your dancer has the correct attire/uniform for class. Clothing will be available at Verster studio for purchase.

During Public and School holidays, ChaNic School of Dance is closed. (Public Schools timetable). There will be North-Gauteng and Eisteddfod rehearsals in school holidays. Full quarterly fees are payable, despite school holidays and/ or public holidays.

Should you be unable to pay your monthly fees as per invoice, please contact the teacher in advance to make arrangements.
Interest at 10 % will be levied on all accounts outstanding for more than 30 days.

Should you fail to enter into an arrangement with our offices, we reserve the right to hand your account over for legal action should your account be in arrears for more than 30 days.
You agree to pay all attorney and own client cost in the event your account is handed over to our attorneys.

No student will be allowed to catch up missed classes for whatsoever reason. Should you require extra classes for classes missed, personal lessons will be invoiced to your account at the tariff stipulated above.

Lost and found will be kept for a week and will then be donated to a Charity.

The coach has the right to prohibit the student to attend class due to misconduct and disruption of classes.

I confirm that my tuition fees will be kept up to date and that my daughter / son will attend more than 80% of the classes to be part of examination / competition and concert.

Financial Information 

Registration fee 1 st dancer 260    
Registration fee 2nd dancer 200    
Registration fee 3rd dancer 180    
2021 With Discounts on Quarterly and Yearly payments
Tuition Fees Monthly Quarterly Yearly
AcroBATS (Palet & Dinky Dots only) 320 860 3350
1 x Dance Style  (excluding Acrogym/Rhythmic gymnastics) 410 1110 4360
Acrogym per Dancer (1.5 hour class duration) 480 1280 5030
Rhythmic gymnastics (2 hour class duration) 530 1420 5590
1 x Dance Style (2 x per week) 600 1620 6370
2 x Dance Styles (excluding Acrogym & Rhythmic) 710 1910 7480
3 x Dance Styles (excluding Acrogym & Rhythmic) 960 2590 10160
4 x Dance Styles (excluding Acrogym & Rhythmic) 1190 3210 12620
Unlimited STYLES per Dancer 1600 4300 16800
Shining Lights 240    
ChaNic Company 700    
2nd Child 10% discount      
3rd Child 15% discount